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About Mushroom World

My passion for mushrooms and fungi began when I was a young, 15 year old, boy and has steadily grown over the past twenty-five years. I love talking about, photographing, hunting, and studying mushrooms and other fungi so much that I am a very active member of my local fungi club. I also hold courses on mushroom hunting. You may be asking yourself, what’s all the fuss about fungi?

With about 75,000 scientifically identified species of fungi in the world, there’s a near limitless number of specimens to study, catalog, and photograph. As you already know some mushrooms are edible, and quite delicious. The most important thing is to know which mushrooms are edible and which should never be consumed. The general rule is always—when in doubt, throw it out! It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to mushrooms.

This site is a coming together of my passion for fungi and my love of computer programming—for nearly twenty years I’ve been building software, a lot of it for Windows. Here you will find a searchable mushroom database along with photos and descriptions of edible, inedible mushrooms, and poisonous mushrooms.

It’s my heartfelt desire that my site will become an invaluable reference for you and spark your own love of fungi and mushrooms. Always be careful which mushrooms you eat, and remember — When in doubt, throw it out!