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Amanita ceciliae   (Snakeskin Grisette)
North America, Europe
Cap 7-12 cm diameter, stem 8-13 cm tall * 1.5-2 cm diameter

The cap of this large, grayish brown, fleshy agaric has charcoal-grey patches, which are easily removable and a scaly stem, white gills, and no ring or volval bag. It fruits during summer and autumn.

Cap is pallid gray-brown; shape ranging from convex to flat. It is upturned, and has a deep-coloured margin. There is a low umbo. Large, coarse, dingy gray patches decorate the volva. Flesh is white and firm. Gills are free and closely spaced, and white in colour. They can be thick, and are often forked. Stem is pallid, grayish brown with white shaggy horizontal bands of veil; an inconspicuous bulb is encased in a volval bag breaking away leaving slanting ridges. The mushroom has no ring.

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