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Amanita fulva   (Tawny grisette)
North America, Europe
Cap 4-9 cm diameter, stem 7-12 cm tall * 0.8-1.2 cm diameter

Amanita fulva, also known as Tawny grisette, is a medium-sized agaric with distinctive tawny cap and white gills, no ring and usually without cap patches but with volval bag. It grows solitary or scattered on soil in mixed woodlands, favouring birch. Not recommended to be eaten because of danger to be mistaken with poisonous members of the Amanita genus.

Cap tan or orange-brown with sulcate margin, occasionally with brownish velar patches, at first ovoid, becoming expanded-convex and flattened with a slight umbo. Flesh white and brittle. Stem whitish or pallid cap coulor, narrower towards the apex and arising from white volval bag. Ring absent. Hollow in marture specimens.

Similar species Amanita crocea and Amanita vaginata.

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