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Boletus subtomentosus   (Yellow-cracking Bolete)
North America, Europe
Cap 5-12 cm diameter, stem 3-8 cm tall * 1-2 cm diameter

This medium to large bolete has a brown cap, chrome-yellow pores, and yellowish stem.

Cap is a tawny brown, convex or bun-shaped, becoming broadly convex; dry; finely velvety; often becoming cracked in age. Flesh is white or pallid yellow, with a faint brownish zone beneath the cap cuticle; it is unchanging, thick and soft. The pore surface is yellow, becoming olive yellow with maturity; often bruising blue, or not bruising. Stem is a pallid cap color, sometimes with a brick-red tinge; it is slender and slightly bulbous. Ring is absent. Flesh is similarly colored as the cap but browner.

Similar species Boletus chrysenteron has a reddish brown cap that cracks to reveal a red underlayer. Boletus pruinatus is smaller.

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