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Clitocybe gibba   (Common Funnel Cap)
North America, Europe
Cap 3-8 cm diameter, stem 3-8 cm tall * 0.5-1 cm thick

Clitocybe gibba is a hardwood-loving mushroom that features a pinkish tan cap that becomes fairly deeply vase-shaped by maturity. Its pale, crowded gills run down the stem, which is pale in comparison to the cap. It grows solitary or in small troops on soil in broad-leaf woods and on heaths from July to September.

Cap is pink-tinged, leather brown and smooth, silky, and funnel-shaped, typically with a wavy margin. Flesh is soft and white with a fruity smell. Gills are closely spaced, white and deeply extended downward. Stem is similarly colored as the cap. It is smooth and more or less equal apart from a slightly swollen base. The mushroom has no ring.Spores are white-cream colorcolored.

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