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Collybia dryophila   (Russet Toughshank)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-6 cm diameter, stem 2-6 cm tall * 0.2-0.5 cm diameter

Collybia dryophila, also known as Gymnopus dryophilus, is a smallish agaric has a pale tan cap, whitish gills, and a flushed tan stem. The mushroom occurs in troops or more or less tufted on soil and scattered leaves under leafy and coniferous trees.

Cap convex, and russet to ochre. Gills only thinly attached to the stem, whitish and crowded. Spores are white. Stem more or less similarly colored as the cap, more or less equal but slightly bulbous at base. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Collybia aquosa has pale pink rhizoids and Collybia ocior has a rather dark cap and pale yellow gills.

Synonyms the mushroom is now known under the name Gymnopus dryophilus.

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