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Cortinarius mucosus   (Orange Webcap)
Cap 6-10 cm diameter, stem 6-10 cm tall * 1-2.5 cm thick

Cortinarius mucosus, also know as Orange Webcap, is a medium to large agaric whit a hat that is yellowish brown and very slimy. It has cinnamon or rust colored gills, a stout white stem with ring zone and slightly swollen base. It grows typically with pine or birch.

Cap coloured dark reddish to to orange brown, convex or wavy margined, smooth, very sticky. Gills gray to cinnamon brown, sinuate, adnate. Spores are rusty brown. Stem is white with rust sub-apical cortinal zone. It is smooth or faintly scaly below cap, more or less equal or slightly swollen at base, and very sticky. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Cortinarius collinitus occurs with spruce. It has a blue -tinged slime on its stem. Other similar species grow under different host trees.

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