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Cortinarius semisanguineus   (Poison Dye Cort)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-6 cm diameter, stem 2-10 cm tall * 0.4-1 cm thick

Cortinarius semisanguineus, also know as Poison Dye Cort, is a medium-sized mushroom with a pale brown to ochre cap, and bright blood-red gills and yellowish stem. It grows typically with conifers and birch.

Cap olive- to dark reddish brown, convex to umbonate. Gills blood red, later more reddish rust and adnate, sinuate and fairly crowded. Spores are rusty brown. Stem usually same colour as the cap or paler, smooth, or finely fibrillose like the cap with threadlike remnants of veil. Stem flesh darker red-brown than cap flesh. The mushroom has no ring.

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