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Entoloma vernum   (Pinkgill mushroom)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-4 cm diameter, stem 2-7 cm tall * 0.2-0.6 cm thick

Entoloma vernum, also known as Pinkgill mushroom, is a small agaric that has grey-brown cap and stem, with brown gills. It can be seen mainly in spring, but also during summer and autumn, and occur as solitary or in small trooping groups in grasslands, often in the vicinity of conifers.

Cap grayish tan or darker, conic to broadly conic, flattening out somewhat but retaining a sharp, central umbo; dry; silky to nearly bald; Flesh brown, thin and fragile. Gills tan-brown or grayish, becoming pinkish, narrowly attached to the stem, or nearly free from it; close or nearly distant.Spores are pink colored. Stem equal, or slightly tapered toward the apex; finely fibrillose near the apex, but nearly bald elsewhere; brownish to tan or brown overall, but paler at the apex. Ring abcent. Flesh same color as surface, pithy or narrowly hollow.

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