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Gomphidius glutinosus   (Slimy Spike)
North America, Europe
Cap 3-5 cm diameter, stem 2.5-4.5 cm tall * 0.4-1 cm thick

Gomphidius glutinosus, also known as Slimy Spike, is a gray-brown agaric that is covered in a colorless, slimy veil. The stem has an indistinct ring zone, often stained black by spores, and its base is lemon-yellow. The mushroom is mycorrhizal with spruse.

Cap gray-brown, convex or bun shaped, becoming expanded and flattened, heavily viscid when damp, becoming shiny when dry. Flesh dirty white, moderate and firm. Gills at first whitish, becoming tinged olivaceous-grey when mature, deeply decurrent, thick. Stem dirty white, more or less equal, lemon yellow at base. Ring white, glutinous, zone-like.

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