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Hydnum repandum   (Common Hedgehog Tooth)
North America, Europe
Cap 3-10 cm diameter; stem 2-6 cm tall * 1.5-3 cm diameter

Hydnum repandum, also known as Common Hedgehog Tooth, is a medium-sized to large, fleshy mushroom with pale whitish to pale orange-yellow cap. It grows on soil in broad-leaf or coniferous woods.

Fruiting body orange-, yellow- or tan-colored, irregular in shape (it may be convex or concave at maturity), with a wavy margin that is rolled inward when young. The cap surface is generally dry and smooth, although mature specimens may show cracking. Viewed from above, the caps of mature specimens resemble somewhat those of chanterelles. The flesh is thick, white, firm, brittle, and bruises yellow to orange-brown. The underside is densely covered with small, slender off-white to pinkish spines measuring 2–7 mm long. These spines sometimes run down at least one side of the stem. Odor not distinctive. Stem Thick, central of off center; colored like cap or lighter.

Similar species Hydnum albidum has a white cap, smaller spores, and occurs on alkaline soil. Closely related Hydnum refescens is smaller and orange.

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