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Hypholoma fasciculare   (Sulfur Tuft Psilocybe)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-7 cm diameter, 4-10 cm tall * 0.5-1 cm diameter

This medium-sized agaric has a yellowish tan cap and stem, sulphur or blackish brown gills, and a faint ring zone; in dense tufts, it often grows in clusters on stumps of broad-leaf and coniferous trees.

Cap convex, sulphur-yellow with darker orange center. It is expanded with age, smooth but with velar remnants attached to the margin. Flesh is sulphur-yellow, firm and moderate. Gills green sheen on greenish yellow to alove-brown, crowded, adnate. Stem is more or less similarly colored as the cap, but it is darker brown towards the base. Ring is zone-like, faint, and with maturity same color as spores.

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