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Hypholoma marginatum   (Snakeskin Brownie)
Europe and North America
Cap 1.5-4 cm diameter; stem 3-7 cm tall x 0.2-0.5 cm thick

Hypholoma marginatum, also known as Snakeskin Brownie, is a smallish agaric with tan cap, stem with silvery mottled appearance and yellow or olive-brown gills and no ring zone. It grows in small trooping groups on needles or rotting wood with coniferous trees.

Cap convex, flattening out at maturity but retaining a shallow umbo; inrolled margin of young caps is covered with silky remnants of the partial veil; colour rather variable but most often brick red in the centre and paler towards the margin. Gills at first pallid yellow, then olivaceous-brown, adnate or emarginate, crowded. Spores chocolate-brown. Stem fibrous; light ochre at apex, darkening progressively to a reddish-brown base; a faint ring zone is usually discernable.

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