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Lactarius camphoratus   (Curry Milkcap)
North America, Europe
Cap 2.5-5 cm diameter, stem 3-5 cm tall * 0.4-0.7 cm thick

Lactarius camphoratus, also known as Curry Milkcap, is a smallish agaric with dark red-brown cap, pale gills and exudes white milk which savor of curry. It grows with conifers and deciduous trees, favoring acidic, well drained soil.

Cap dark red-brown with central depression or umbo and a furrowed margin. Gills decurrent, medium-spaced and quite thick. Spores are white to cream colored. Stem is pallid and similarly colored as the cap, more or less equal, and finely downy and becoming hollow. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Lactarius rufus and Lactarius helvus have a similar smell.

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