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Lactarius tabidus   (Birch Milkcap)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-4 cm diameter, stem 3-5 cm tall * 0.4-1 cm thick

Lactarius tabidus, also known as Birch Milkcap, is a small agaric with orange-brown cap, cinnamon gills that exudes white milk. It grows solitary or in scattered groups on soil under broad-leaf trees, favouring birch.

Cap convex, sometimes with a central umbo, that flattens with age. It varies between orange-brown and a dull chestnut in colour, and the surface is dry and matt. The margin is often has tiny lobes, and can be crimped or crisped. Gills at first ochraceous-buff, becoming cinnamon, adnate or slightly decurrent, narrow and fairly crowded. Spores are cream coloured. Stem colour varies between a reddish-brown and brick coloured, is more or less equal or tapering slightly upwards. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species other small Lactarius species.

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