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Lactarius turpis   (Ugly Milkcap)
North America, Europe
Cap 5-15 cm diameter, stem 4-8 cm tall * 1-2.5 cm thick

Lactarius turpis, also know as Ugly Milkcap, is a large, dull olive-brown agaric which is typically slimy or sticky and exudes white milk. The appearance is distinctive and the English name is very appropriate. It grows solitary or in scattered groups on soil in damp places under birch.

Cap margin at first involute with a somewhat depressed centre. The upper surface is olive brown or yellow-green and is often sticky or slimy in the middle. When young it has velvety zones and may be shaggy at the rim. Later it becomes funnel-shaped and the colour darkens to blackish. Gills dirty white, stained olive-brown by old milk. Initially white. They are fairly narrow, crowed and extending downward. Stem similar in colour as the cap, but much lighter.

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