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Lactarius volemus   (Luscious Lactarius)
North America, Europe
Cap 5-11 cm diameter, stem 4-12 cm tall * 1-3 cm diameter

Lactarius volemus, also know as Luscious Lactarius, is a very fleshy, matte orange agaric that has a thin, cracking skin on its cap and a thick, velvety pale orange stem. When cut, it's off-white, mild-tasting flesh produces white milk.

Cap dry and velvety with a powdery matte texture and never sticky. Matte orange to red-brown coloured. At first slightly convex and develops a depression in the center later. The margin stays inrolled for some time. Gills creamy white, broadly attached to the stem slightly extending downward and densely packed. Turns brown when bruised. White drops often hangs under the gills. Stem is similarly colored as the cap but more pallid. Tapers off and darkens towards the base. It has no ring.

Similar species Lactarius hygrophoroides is a good edible lacking the odor. It is equally common in eastern North America. It does not stain and has distant gills.

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