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Laetiporus sulphureus   (Chicken of the Woods)
Europe and North America
Cap 5 to 60 cm in diameter and 4 cm thick

The fruit bodies of this mushroom grow as striking golden-yellow shelf-like structures on tree trunks and branches. The undersurface of the fruit body is made up of tubelike pores rather than gills.

Fruiting body attached directly to the trunk of a tree and is initially knob-shaped, later expands to fan-shaped, typically overlapping shelves with thick margin. The upper surface color ranges from bright whitish-yellow to bright whitish-orange. Flesh soft and coloured as cap surface. Old fruitbodies fade to tan or whitish. The under surface is sulphur-yellow with small pores or tubes and has a white spore print. When fresh, the flesh is succulent and exudes a yellowish juice, but soon becomes dry and brittle. It has a strong, fungusy smell.

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