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Leccinum scabrum   (Brown Scaber-stalk Bolete)
North America, Europe
Cap 5-15 cm diameter, stem 6-15 cm tall * 1.5-3 cm diameter

Medium to large bolete with brown cap, dirty white spores and scaly stem. Grows specifically with birch, often on damp gound.

Cap brown, with reddish or grayish tinges; convex or bun-shaped, at first finely downy, becoming smooth, somewhat scurfy when older. Flesh dirty white, unchanging, thick and firm. Pores dirty white or grayish brown, circular, small. Tubes same color as pores, adnate. Spores are ocher-brown. Stem whitish, covered with gray-brown scales, more or less equal or tapering slightly upwards. Ring absent.

Similar species Distinguishing between Leccinum scabrum and its near relatives is difficult, and Leccinum scabrum is often used as a collective name for all brown capped Leccinum species like Leccinum variicolor.

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