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Lepista nebularis   (Clouded Funnel Cap)
North America, Europe
Cap 5-20 cm diameter, stem 5-10 cm tall * 1.5-2.5 cm thick

Lepista nebularis, also knwo as Clitocybe nebularis or Clouded Funnel Cap, is a medium or large agaric with a cloud-grey, and a white funnel-shaped cap with decurrent gills. It grows typically, in troops or rings on soil, in a range of wooded habitats.

Cap soft cloud-grey, darker at the middle, sometimes with brownish ting. It is convex with an incurved margin, becoming plane to depressed in shape. The surface is usually dry to moist, and radially fibrillose. Gills crowded, pale cream and slightly decurrent. Stem colored as cap, fibrillose, stout, tapering upwards. The mushroom has no ring. Flesh thick and white.

Synonyms Clitocybe nebularis.

Similar species The poisonous Entoloma sinuatum which has pink sinuate gills.

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