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Lycoperdon excipuliforme   (Pistle-shaped Puffball)
North America, Europe
3-10 cm diameter * 8-20 cm tall

Lycoperdon excipuliforme, also know as Pistle-shaped Puffball, is a pale buff or brown, pestle-shaped fungus that fruits most often singly or in very small groups in woodland habitats.

Fruiting body Covered with short spines and warts, the body falls away pallid buff becoming dull brown. When mature, the outer skin breaks open and brown spores are dispersed by wind and rain. When young and firm, the fruit-bodies are fairly tasteless yet edible. Stem slightly tapering in at the base; spongy; surface soon becoming wrinkled; initially white with pointed warts, but later turning ochre and becoming smooth and leathery.

Similar species Calvatia elata is widespread and common in North America. Lycoperdon molle resembles a short-stemmed specimen.

Synonyms Handkea excipuliformis

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