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Morchella elata   (Black Morel)
North America, Europe
2-4 cm diameter * 5-15 cm tall

Morchella elata, also know as Black Morel, is like most members of the genus a popular edible fungus and is sought by many mushroom hunters. It has a conical cap with distinct black ridges and brown to smoky-grey pits. The stem is white with a rough, mealy or granular surface and hollow center.

Fruiting body is yellowish brown, with darker parallel longitudinal ribs that are connected to form honeycomb-like pits; while conical, it tapers downward into a creamy-white stem, more or less equal. Flesh is white, brittle, thin and hollow.

Similar species Morchella esculenta is yellow with pale ribs along the length of its cap. Gyromitra species, which are poisonous, lack the pitted cap. It has a chambered, rather than hollow, stem.

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