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Otidea onotica   (Lemon-Peel Cup)
North America, Europe
4-6 cm diameter * 4-10 cm tall

This pinkish yellow, irregular ear grows solitary and in small trooping groups on soil in broad-leaf and mixed woods from spring to early autumn. The mushroom tend to grow under beech trees.

Fruiting body lemon-yellow to yellow or rosy orange. The ear-shaped cup is split down one side and has a stemlike, off-white base and wavy margin. The thin, pale flesh may develop rusty spots with age.

Similar species Otidea leporina is found mostly in conifer forests. The dark brown Otidea smithii is common in the Rocky Mountains. Wynnea americana, which grows from a sclerotial mass, is also dark brown but with a reddish inner surface.

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