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Paxillus atrotomentosus   (Velvet Rollrim)
North America, Europe
Cap 12-28 cm diameter, stem 3-9 cm tall * 2-5 cm thick

Paxillus atrotomentosus, also know as Tapinella atrotomentosa or Velvet Rollrim is a large or massive agaric that has a brown cap, buff gills and a dark brown, velvety, sometimes eccentric stem. Grows in woods and three stands, on and around conifer stumps and sometimes buried, coniferous wood.

Cap sepia- or walnut brown in colour with a inrolled cap margin and depressed centre. The cap is covered with dark brown or black velvety fur. Gills cream-yellow and forked, becoming ochre and spotted rust with age. Spores are sienna-brown. Stem thick, dark brown and juts out sidewards from the mushroom. The mushroom has no ring.

Synonymes Tapinella atrotomentosa is the newer name.

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