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Phallus rubicundus
Australia, Asia, Africa
Cap 1-2 cm diameter; stem 3-12 cm tall x 0.5-3 cm diameter

Phallus rubicundus is a species in the stinkhorn family and has a wide distribution in tropical regions. It has the typical stinkhorn structure consisting of a spongy stalk up to 15 cm tall arising from a gelatinous "egg" up to 3 cm in diameter.

Fruiting body consist of a hollow cylindrical stalk supporting a conical to bell-shaped cap. The orange to scarlet stalk tapers towards to top, and has a pitted surface. The wrinled cap is scarlet red. It is initially covered with a foetid, slimy grayish-olive gleba.

Similar species Mutinus elegans does not have a clearly separated cap, and instead bears its gleba on the apex of its pointed stalk.

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