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Pholiota alnicola   (Alder Scalycap)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-8 cm diameter, stem 2-8 cm tall * 0.5-1 cm diameter

Pholiota alnicola, also know as Alder Scalycap, has a yellow, or yellow with some green intermixed hat, lemon-yellow gills (becoming cinnamon), and a ring zone on stem. It grows solitary or more typically clustered on dead or dying decidous trees, such as alder or birch often in damp sites.

Cap is bright yellow or yellow with some green intermixed, often with rusty brown spots. Gills are adnate to slightly decurrent, straw-yellow to rust brown. Spores are brown. Stem yellow toward top and rusty brown toward base. Ring is zone-like with pallid remnants of veil, very superior.

Similar species Three forms of Pholiota alnicoloa are sometimes classified separately. Pholiota salicola grows on willow, and it tastes bitter; Pholiota flavida and Pholiota pinicola grow on conifers.

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