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Russula decolorans   (Copper Brittlegill)
North America, Europe
Cap 4.5-11 cm diameter, stem 4.5-10 cm tall * 1-2.5 cm thick

Russula decolorans, also know as Copper Brittlegill, is a medium to large agaric that has a distinctively colored orange-brown cap, pale yellow gills and white stem. All parts of the mushroom is graying or blackening.

Cap as young almost completely round, then convex to flat, often with a depressed center. At fist bright orange-yellow, then more subdued brick-red, sometimes with a darker center. Sticky in damp weather, and has smooth skin that can be removed. Gills at first white, then creamy yellow and finally gray. Reaching but not attached to the stem. Stem is white, graying readily when bruised or with age, more or less equal or somewhat club-shaped, stout, and smooth. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species other Russula species.

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