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Russula emetica   (Emetic Russula)
North America, Europe
Cap 3-10 cm diameter, stem 4-9 cm tall * 0.7-2 cm thick

This medium-sized agaric has a distinctive scarlet-red cap, brittle creamy-white gills and white stem. It is not highly poisonous and has a very hot taste.

Cap convex to slightly depressed, and often shiny scarlet or cherry red, becoming sticky at wet. Gills are whitish, becoming pallid straw, more or less free, brittle, and narrow. Spores are white. Stem white, club shaped with a scurfy skin.

Similar species Russula silvicola is the common dry woodland species across North America. Russula fageticola usually grows under beech trees, and it also tastes hot. Amanita muscaria has veil patches on the cap, a stem ring, and a bulb.

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