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Russula paludosa   (Tall Bog Russula)
North America, Europe
Cap 5-14 cm diameter, stem 5-14 cm tall * 1-3 cm thick

Taller than most, this large, attractive Russula species has a convex to depressed, orange-red cap, with yellow discoloration in the center and a slightly sticky surface when damp.

Cap variable, reddish with apricot, bay, blood or scarlet tinges; at first convex, later flattened and depressed, shiny or somewhat sticky when damp, cuticle peeling halfway to center. Flesh white, moderate, granular and brittle. Gills are cream or pallid ochraceous, adnexed, brittle, narrow, strongly interveined. Spores pale ocher. Stem white or tinged pink, more or less equal or tapering slightly upwards, smooth. Ring absent. Flesh white, fragile and stuffed.

Similar species The poisonous and hot-tasting Russula emetica has no yellow coloring on the cap.

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