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Suillus bovinus   (Euro Cow Bolete)
Europe and Asia
Cap 3-10 cm diameter, stem 4-6 cm tall * 0.5-1 cm thick

This usually small, orange-rusty brown bolete, with it's convex to flat cap and short, ringless stem, is notable for it's compound pores: the olive-green pore layer has an outer layer of coarse; angular pores and an inner layer of fine pores.

Cap ochraceous or pinkish clay, more pallid at margin; convex or bun-shaped, smooth, sticky or viscid when damp. Flesh white with pinkish clay tinge, thick and soft. Pores at first pallid olive or buff, becoming more ochraceous with age, angular, compound, unequal, large. Tubes grayish with vinaceous tinge, more or less decurrent. Spores brownish olive. Stem pallid yellowish sienna, more or less equal or tapering at base. Ring absent.

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