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Suillus luteus   (Slippery Jack Bolete)
North America, Europe, East Asia
Cap 5-10 cm diameter, stem 5-10 cm tall * 2-3 cm thick

This is a medium to large bolete with slimy, brown cap. Short to stubby stalk has brown dots and a well-developed ring.

Cap Rounded to nearly flat. Chestnut or sepia-brown, smooth, shiny and somewhat wrinkled when dry, very glutinous when damp, margin sometimes retaining velar remnants. Flesh whitish with yellow tinge, unchanging, moderate and soft, unchanging when cut. Pores at first pallid lemon-yellow or straw, becoming more dirty yellow or sienna-brown with age, circular, medium. Tubes concolorous with pores, adnate. Spores Ocher-brown. Stem Cylindrical or tapered downwards; solid. Yellow and dotted above ring; whitish below, especially at base. Ring at first whitish, darkening with age, vinaceous-brown below and large.

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