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Suillus variegatus   (Variegated Bolete)
North America, Europe
Cap 6-13 cm diameter, stem 5-9 cm tall * 1.5-2 cm thick

Tall-stemmed and fleshy, the Suillus variegatus rarely exhibits the slimminess that is characteristic of the genus suillus.

Cap sandy to rusty brown coloured. At first ovate and then convex. The skin can be removed. It has a freckly, downy surface in dry weather. Flesh pallid ochraceous and turns blue when cut and thumbed. Pores at first ochraceous with olivaceous tinge, becoming more cinnamon-brown with age, sometimes bluish where bruised. Tubes are dark ochraceous or buff, adnate. Stem smooth and firm. Mottled yellow to a brown yellow and thicker at the base. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Suillus tomentosus is the equivalent species in western North America.

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