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Tricholoma sejunctum   (False Edible Trich)
North America, Europe
Cap 4-10 cm diameter

The green or brown cap of this agaric is moist and domed and flattening with age. It's surface has dark fibrils and is greasy in wet weather. It causes nausea if eaten.

Cap pallid, yellowish with fine, brownish or tan, radiating fibrils; at first convex, becoming flattened, with broad umbo, slightly sticky. Flesh off-white, tinted yellow under the cap skin. Gills whitish ochre, emarginate, very broad, crowded. Stem coloured as cap, but more pallid, smooth, more or less equal or tapering upwards. It develops yellow flushes with age. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Tricholoma portentosum has darker hat, and Tricholoma arvernense grows in coniferous forest. The poisonous Amanita phalloides is distinguished by it's volva, stem ring, and free gills.

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