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Tricholomopsis rutilans   (Plums and Custard)
North America, Europe
Cap 2-12 cm diameter; stem 3.5-5.5 cm tall * 1-1.5 cm diameter

This medium to large, fleshy agaric has a cap with plum fibrils on custard yellow backround and gills are egg -yellow, which makes it easily recognised. It grows solitary or in small caespitose tufts on or close to rotting conifer stumps.

Cap plum-red scaled cap with yellow base colour. At first convex, becoming broadly umbonate. Gills egg -yellow, adnexed, broad, crowded. Stem yellow and covered with reddish purple, fibrillose scales, less densely than on cap, more or less equal. Flesh pallid yellow, tough, stuffed or full. Stem cylindrical and with a red scaly base developing to a yellow colour towards the cap. It has no ring or volva.

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