Albatrellus confluens (Fused Polypore)
North America, Europe
Cap 7-18 cm diameter, stem 3-7 cm tall * 1-3 cm thick
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From above, this pale orange polypore looks like an agaric or a hedgehog mushroom, but it has minute pores on the underside. The skin of the convex cap often cracks with age. It has a sturdy stem and very firm white flesh. It can be found growing under conifers and forms a mycorrhizal relationship with them in a diverse range of ecosystems.

Cap unevenly shaped, with a loose convex, flat, or irregular surface that may be fused together. It is dry and smooth, but can develop slight cracks as it ages. Initially, it has a pale orange, pinkish buff, or orangish colour which later transitions into different shades of tan. The flesh is white. Stem white, often with orange spots, sometimes several stems fused together at the base. Spore print white.

Microscopic Features: The spores of this fungus are smooth, weakly amyloid, and elliptical, measuring 4-5.5 x 2.5-4 ยต. Gloeoplerous hyphae are scattered throughout the tissue and show swollen areas, staining with phloxine. Clamp connections are present.

Similar species include Albatrellus ovinus which is more cream white and does stain yellow or greenish-yellow, particularly on the pores.

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