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Amanita jacksonii   (Jackson's slender amanita)
North America
Cap 8–12 cm wide, stem 9-14 cm tall * 0.9-1.6 cm diameter

Amanita jacksonii, also known as Jackson's slender amanita is a medium to large mushroom with a brilliant red or orange cap. It grows solitary or in small clumps on soil in hardwood forests.

Cap conical to convex at first but becoming flat and lighter in colour as it matures. The surface is sticky, lacking scales, smooth with long streaks extending inward from the lighter coloured margin. Gills moderately crowded to crowded, orange-yellow to yellow-orange to yellow. They are free from the stem or slightly attached to it; yellow to orange-yellow. Stem typically slender, slightly tapering upward. The interior is hollow and has a yellow membranous ring near the apex.

Similar species Amanita jacksonii can be confused with other Amanita species such as the poisonous Amanita muscaria, especially if the A. muscaria lacks patches.

Note: Though the mushroom is considered edible, it should, like other species in the Amanita genus not be consumed because of the danger of being confused with the poisonous species.

Amanita jacksonii on Wikipedia.

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