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Cortinarius camphoratus   (Goatcheese webcap)
Europe and North America
Cap 4-10 cm diameter, stem 5-10 cm tall * 1-2 cm wide

Cortinarius camphoratus, also known as Goatcheese webcap, has a convex to an umbonate, fleshy, pale blue lilac cap and has a strong distinctive odour. It is mycorrhizal with spruce trees and thus grows in coniferous forests.

Cap buff with tints of lilac, covered with minute fibers matted on the surface. Initially convex before flattening out, sometimes developing a broad umbo. Margin initially curled inwards but uncurls as the mushroom matures. Flesh colored lilac to purple and has no distinctive taste but an odor that has been compared to "curry powder, rotting meat, old goats or goat's cheese". Gills adnate, pale lilac at first, turning rusty brown as the spores mature. Stem solid and thickens towards the base. Roughly the same color as the cap and covered with silky white matted fibrils up to the level of the annular zone.

Similar species include Cortinarius malachius and Cortinarius traganus.

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