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Gymnopus peronatus   (Wood Woollyfoot)
Cap 2-6 cm diameter, stem 6-8 cm tall * 0.3-0.5 cm diameter

Gymnopus peronatus, also known as Wood Woollyfoot is a small saprobic agaric that grows generally in smaller or larger clumps on leaves or needles in deciduous or coniferous woods and may be found from May to December.

Cap convex, expand and flatten out at maturity, sometimes retaining a broad umbo. Color quite variable, ranging from pinkish cream to yellowish or reddish-brown. Gills coloured as the cap or somewhat lighter, becoming reddish-brown as the fruitbody matures. Stem roughly the same colour as the cap. It is typically pruinose ("frosted") above and strigose (hairy) near the base.

Gymnopus peronatus on the First Nature Web site.

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