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Inocybe lacera   (Torn-cap Inocybe)
North America, Europe
Cap 1-4 cm diameter, stem 2-4 cm tall * 0.2-0.5 cm thick

Inocybe lacera, also know as Torn-cap Inocybe, is in appearance a typical "little brown mushroom", but specific features are very variable. It grows often on sandy soil with coniferous trees and on old moss-covered fire sites.

Cap snuff-brown, typically convex with a small umbo, fibrillose and scaley. The margin curves inwards and often splits. The flesh is whitish and unchanging. Gills are cream coloured in younger specimens, becoming grey-brown with whitish edges. They are notched at the margin or reach towards but are not attached to the stem. Spores are tobacco brown. Stem brown at the slightly bulbous base, but lighter towards the apex, and fibrillose. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Inocybe lanuginosa has a woollier stem and spores with nodules.

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