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Lepista nuda   (Wood Blewit)
North America, Europe
Cap 6-12 cm diameter, stem 5-9 cm tall * 1.5-2.5 cm thick

MOVED Lepista nuda, also know as Clitocybe nuda or Wood Blewit, is a medium-sized, fleshy agaric, with a brownish cap and lilac gills. It grows in trooping groups, often in rings, in leaf litter in deciduous and mixed woodland and under hedgerows during autumn and winter.

Cap violet-brown, emerges dark and bun-shaped, becoming convex and then flattened. Its colour becomes paler from the margin as the cap surface dries. The flesh bluish lilac, thick, firm. Gills liliaceous, attached to the short, stout stem. Spores are pink. Stem coloured as the cap, more or less equal, fibrillose and often slightly thickened at the base. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species Unrelated poisonous look-alikes include species of Entoloma, Cortinarius and Hebeloma. Cortinarius mushrooms often have the remains of a veil under their caps and a ring-like impression on their stem.

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