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Lycoperdon pratense   (Meadow Puffball)
Europe, occasionally in North America
2-4 cm diameter * 2.5 cm tall

Lycoperdon pratense, also known as the Meadow Puffball, is a smallish white or pallid yellowish-brown elongated ovoid formed fungus. It grows typically in small troops on lawns and in other places with short grass.

Fruiting body An elongated ovoid form with a short sterile stem typically half the width of the fruitbody. The spore mass is at first white and firm, then olive brown and powdery. Stem swollen towards the base; colour as the fertile head but with shorter spines.

Similar species other Lycoperdon species. Can also be confused with young deadly poisonous Amanita species. A good way to tell puffballs apart from its poisonous look-a-likes, is to cut the mushroom in half from top to bottom. The inside of edible puffball mushrooms should be pure white, like a marshmallow. No signs of gills or patterns.

Warning other Lycoperdon species.

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