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Phallus impudicus   (Common stinkhorn)
Europe, North America and Asia
Fruiting body 15-20 cm tall * 1.5 - 3 cm diameter

Phallus impudicus, also know as Common stinkhorn is a large, white, spongy stalk with a dark olive coloured conical head known as the gleba. This material contains the spores and is transported by insects that are attracted by the strong odour. The fungus grows solitary to clustered on soil, often on decaying woody debris or sawdust.

Cap narrowly, bell shaped, with apex open to hollow stem. Surface granular and white under slimy, olive-tinged spore mass. Stem cylindric, tapering upwards from a though, membranous, cup-like volva, which is smooth and wrinkled on outside and white to pinkish or lilac-tinged inside.

Similar species

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