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Russula aeruginea   (Green Brittlegill)
North America, Europe
Cap 4-9 cm diameter, stem 4-8 cm tall * 0.7-2 cm thick

Russula aeruginea, also known as Green Brittlegill, has a convex to depressed green cap that is often marked with rust- to red-brown spots and frequently has furrows at the margin. The mushroom grows alone or in scattered groups on soil under birch.

Cap flat when young, soon funnel-shaped and weakly striped; somewhat sticky and shiny, pale green to light grey-green, more rarely olive green. Flesh white, moderately thick, granular and brittle. Gills buff, becoming yellowish tinged, adnexed, forked, fairly narrow and crowded. Stem white, sometimes with rust spotting, more or less equal, smooth. Flesh white, fairly firm but brittle and full. Spores are cream-yellow colored. The mushroom has no ring.

Similar species include Russula heterophylla which has former flesh and Russula virescens whose cap has small scales. Both are mild tasting. Can also be confused with the deadly poisonous Amanita phalloides with has a ring and is not a Russula.

Warning Even though this mushroom is edible, should it not be consumed because of the risk of confusing with the deadly poisonous Amanita phalloides (Death Cap). This concerns all mushrooms with green cap.

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