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Suillus americanus   (American slippery Jack)
North America
Cap 3–10 cm diameter, stem 3–9 cm cm tall * 0.4–1 cm cm diameter

Suillus americanus, also known as American slippery Jack, is a small- to medium-sized bolete with a slimy, bright yellow cap. The mushroom grows solitary to clustered on soil in association with pines, particularly eastern white pine.

Cap broadly convex with a small umbo (a central elevation) to flat with age. The margin has a soft cottony, yellowish veil material which leaves brownish patches as it dries. The colour is bright yellow with red or brownish streaks and hairy patches. When the fruit body is young and moist, the surface is slimy. Pores angular (slightly wider than long) and yellow. Spores light brown to brownish orange. Stem cylindric, more and less equal, though, slender, often bent. The colour is yellow and it is often dotted with brown spots.

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